Lahem Ajeen                                                                          $1.49
Flatbread Topped With Ground Beef, tomato, Onion & Spices                                                                            

Cheese Flatbread                                                                  $1.49
Flatbread Topped With Cheese

Zaatar Flatbread                                                                   $1.49
Flatbread Topped With Zaatar              

Beef Shawarma Pie                                                              $1.49                                                               
Stuffed With Beef Shawarma          

Chicken Shawarma Pie                                                        $1.49                                                                
Stuffed With Chicken Shawarma    

Cheese Pie                                                                               $1.49                                                               
Stuffed With Cheese                                                                                                        

Hummus                                                                                 $4.99
Chickpea Puree with Tahini, Garlic, Olive Oil and Lemon Served with Bread                                                                            

BABA GANOUSH                                                                   $4.99
Roasted Eggplant Mixed with Tahini, Garlic, Olive Oil and Lemon Served with Bread                                          

DOLMA                                                                                    $4.99
Grape Leaves Stuffed with Mixture of Rice and Herbs              

SHAWARMA HUMMUS                                                        $5.99                                                               
Hummus topped with Beef Shawarma                            


SHIRAZI SALAD                                                                       $4.99
 Persian Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, Parsley, Mint, Lemon & Olive Oil                                                             

GREEK SALAD                                                                               $6.99

 Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions, Kalamata Olives, Feta Cheese

Kale Salad                                                                               $6.99

Kale, Pine Nuts, Apples , Cranberries  & dressing

Boneless Chicken Kabob Greek Salad                            $8.99                                                               
Greek Salad Topped with Boneless Chicken Kabob                                                  

Gyro GREEK SALAD                                                               $8.99

Greek Salad Topped with Boneless Gyro Meat            $8.99                                          

Shawarma Greek Salad                                                      $8.99

Choice of Beef or Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Kabob Kale Salad                                                 $10.99

Kale Salad Topped With Boneless Chicken Kabob     $10.99

Salmon Kale Salad                                                              $10.99                                                                
Kale Salad Topped With Salmon Kabob            

Salmon Greek Salad                                                            $10.99                                                              

 Greek Salad Topped With Salmon Kabob                                                                                                    

                Served with Rice, Charbroiled Tomato, Salad & Bread. Substitute Specialty Rice $1.50 more

 FALAFEL PLATE                                                                                    $8.99
Served with Rice, Hummus & Salad                                                                                                                  

BEEF SHAWARMA PLATE                                                                    $9.99
Thinly Sliced Marinated Beef With Rice, Hummus & Salad

CHICKEN SHAWARMA PLATE                                                             $9.99
Thinly Sliced Marinated Chicken With Rice, Hummus & Salad

HALF CHICKEN PLATE                                                                          $9.99

Marinated Half Chicken

GYRO PLATE                                                                                          $9.99
Beef & Lamb Mix Served With Rice, Hummus & Salad                                                                                                                                      

GROUND BEEF KABOB                                                                       $8.99
One Skewer Strips of Charbroiled Seasoned Ground Beef                                       

GROUND CHICKEN KABOB                                                               $8.99
One Skewer Strips of Charbroiled Seasoned Ground Chicken         

KOOBIDEH COMBINATION                                                              $12.99
One Skewer Ground Chicken & One Skewer Ground Beef                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
BONELESS CHICKEN KABOB                                                             $10.99
Charbroiled Juicy Chunks of Marinated Chicken

CHICKEN & GROUND BEEF COMBINATION                                   $13.99
One Skewer Ground Beef Kabob & One Skewer Boneless Chicken Kabob       


BEEF SHISH KABOB                                                                              $14.99
Chunks of Charbroiled Filet Mignon

BEEF BARG                                                                                              $17.99

Charbroiled Marinated Filet Mignon                                                                                

CORNISH (Chicken with Bones)                                                       $12.99
Charbroiled Marinated Cornish Hen                                                                             

CHICKEN BARG                                                                                     $13.99
Boneless Charbroiled Strips of  Chicken Breast                                                                

CHICKEN SOLTANI                                                                               $16.99
Combination of Chicken Barg & One Skewer Chicken Koobideh                                     

BEEF SOLTANI                                                                                       $19.99
Combination of Beef Barg & One Skewer of Beef Koobideh                                                     

GHORMEH SABZI                                                                                  $10.99
Sautéed Vegetables, Beef cooked with Dried Limes& Red Kidney Beans                                    

BAGHALI POLO Lamb Shank                                                              $10.99
 Basmati Rice Mixed with Fava Beans &  Dill Weed Served with Slow Cooked Lamb Shank                       

LAMB CHOPS                                                                                         $15.99

Charbroiled Marinated Lamb Chops                                                            

SALMON KABOB                                                                                  $13.99
Charbroiled Chunks of Salmon                                                                              


Family Meals
3-5 Person Meal $35.99
3 Ground Beef Kabob
2 Boneless Chicken Kabob
2 Tandoori Bread

5-8 Person Meal $54.99
5 Ground Beef Kabob
3 Boneless Chicken Kabob
3 Tandoori Bread

10pcs Mediterranean Kabob  $15.99
Served With Bread, Tomato, Onion and Torshi

Sandwiches & Wraps
Prepared With Tomato, Onion, Lettuce & Sauce

                                                                                Sandwiches                  Wraps

FALAFEL                                                                   $4.99                           $5.99

GYRO                                                                       $5.99                           $6.99

BEEF SHAWARMA                                                 $5.99                           $6.99

CHICKEN SHAWARMA                                         $5.99                           $6.99

GROUND BEEF KABOB                                        $6.99                           $7.99

BONELESS CHICKEN KABOB                              $6.99                           $7.99                            

A La carte


          FALAFEL                                                                               75¢ea


         Tandoori Bread                                                                   $1.25

          FRENCH FRIES                                                                     $2.50

          BASMATI RICE                                                                      $2.50

          SPECIALTY RICE                                                                   $4.50

          GROUND BEEF KABOB                                                       $4.50

          GROUND CHICKEN KABO                                                  $4.50

          BONELESS CHICKEN KABOB                                              $5.00

          CORNISH (CHICKEN WITH BONES)                                   $9.99

          SHISH KABOB                                                                         $10.99

          CHICKEN BARG                                                                      $10.99

          BEEF BARG                                                                              $12.99

          BEEF SHAWARMA PER POUND                                          $9.99

         CHICKEN SHAWARMA PER POUND                                   $9.99

         GYRO MEAT PER POUND                                                      $9.99                                                                                              


          CHOCOLATE BURMA BAKLAVA                                                $1.50

          PISTACHIO BURMA BAKLAVA                                                  $1.50

          WALNUT TRIANGLE BAKLAVA                                                 $1.50

          PISTACHIO TRIANGLE BAKLAVA                                              $1.50

          PISTACHIO KADAYF                                                                    $1.50

          WALNUT KADAYF                                                                       $1.50

          TURKISH HONEY CAKE                                                              $1.50

             4PCS PASTRY                                                                             $5.00